About this item

  • Material: PVC, Color: Red
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Life Shield Plus 1.5 sq mm PVC HRFR Cable
  • No warranty
  • Energy cables for internal electrification and power supply to all electrical operated equipment's (eg. Fans/Lights/Appliances etc.)


Specifications for this item

Brand Name Havells
Cable Length 90 meters meters
Colour Red
Included Components 1-Piece Life Shield Plus  1.5 sq mm PVC HRFR Cable
Material Polyvinyl Chloride
Model Number WHFFZN…A11X5
Number of Items 1
Part Number WHFFZN…A11X5
Specification Met  
Warranty Description No warranty

Havells Life Shield 1.5 sq. mm Electric Wire

₹2,870.00 Regular Price
₹2,840.00Sale Price
90 Meters