Engineered For High Strength Foundation, Column & Slab

Dalmia DSP offers a unique blend of advantages of high early & long term strength gain, making it most suitable for high strength foundation, column & slab of your home. It helps give your dream home strength & protective ability in the most critical stages of construction.


Crack & Corrosion Resistant – Durable Construction

It’s highly engineered product features helps guard your home against cracks & corrosion making it durable for decades to come.


On –Site Expert Supervision

Get assured on-site expert supervision for every stage of your construction by Dalmia BUILD ADVISOR – our team of expert civil engineers. A value-added service, at no extra cost, that provides technical assistance to ensure that you use the right construction practices for a strong & durable dream home.


Greenest Cement:-

Our constant focus on innovation, co-creation & sustainability has helped us become the world’s greenest cement manufacturer*. We take pride in being the first cement company to have the smallest carbon footprint compared to any other cement company in the world.

Dalmia DSP Cement

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