ACC HPC (High Performance Cement) is an engineered slag Cement providing specialised properties in this HPC cement so it has better workability of the concrete and cohesive mortar mix in concrete , which makes the concrete more impermeable , with lower inter connected porosity , dense and compacted CPM (Cement Paste Matrix) with strong impermeable aggregate – CPM interface . The HPC Concrete exhibits resistance to various environmental deteriorating factors , thus making the concrete structure durable and long lasting.




ACC HPC has the following specific characteristics

  • Uniform particle size and distribution
  • Improved workability and more cohesive concrete mix; no bleeding and segregation
  • Reduced heat of hydration and hence, less chances for thermal crack formation
  • Good resistance against movement of sulphate and chlorides to the concrete
  • Reduced porosity and permeability in the concrete due to secondary reaction of reactive alumina-silicate present in the slag
  • Excellent long term strength
  • Protects the reinforcement against corrosion
  • Reduced leaching of lime (no efflorescence)
  • Good resistance against alkali aggregate reaction

ACC HPC Long Life

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