A product manufactured at a world class manufacturing facility, designed to withstand the attack of salt and toxins. The use of blast furnace slag, which is a byproduct of the Steel industry, as a Supplementary Cementitious material, enhances the durability of the structures and helps building long lasting homes. This product is highly recommended for all critical applications in house construction, from foundation to roof. Additionally this is an eco-friendly product as the use of the Blast Furnace Slag helps in considerable savings in energy, conserving natural resources and also protects mother earth from green house gases.



A quality product coupled with quality services from a well-qualified team will help you to build your dream home with confidence. The various benefits of F2R includes:

  • Improve workability - less water required for mixing concrete
  • Faster setting
  • High early strength - leading to speedy work
  • Lower heat hydration - reduction in thermal cracks
  • Reduced plasticity and drying shrinkage
  • Reduction in permeability - protection from salts and toxic environments
  • Protection from steel bars from corrosion

ACC F2R Super Fast

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